Someone Like You

I was thinking about it. I don’t want someone who has nothing to do, yet goes on doing things. I want someone with passion. I want someone with dreams and goals, and a drive to work towards their fruition. I don’t want someone who is just going on without thought. I want someone who is… Continue reading Someone Like You


WordPress Theme: Libre 2

WordPress has a good collection of themes. While does not have as many as, the latter being more open, it still has a decent amount of quality themes. A good thing about is that a designer can build a custom theme for you that can be uploaded and used. Whereas with,… Continue reading WordPress Theme: Libre 2

2016 in Pocket

Like for 2015, I am among the top 5% of readers in Pocket for 2016 as well.  According to them, “I’ve read 768,828 words in Pocket in 2016, which is like reading 16 books”. My most saved topics in order are Technology, Current Events, Books, Movies, and Health. For a better look, here’s the link to My Year in Pocket… Continue reading 2016 in Pocket

Cognitive Functions and the MBTI Types

Cognitive functions can be divided into two categories - Rational (Judging) and Irrational (Perceiving). The two Rational functions are Thinking and Feeling. The two Irrational functions are Sensation and Intuition. Each of the four functions can be of two types based on their focus - Extroverted (focused on object) and Introverted (focused on subject). Here,… Continue reading Cognitive Functions and the MBTI Types

From “A Blog of Mine” to “My Blog”

I think it's time to change it from "a blog of mine" to "my blog". This is because I am not a blogger, who also pursues higher knowledge in other fields; but a person seeking higher knowledge in some fields, who also likes to blog. To give you an idea, I am working towards getting Masters' Degree in… Continue reading From “A Blog of Mine” to “My Blog”

iPhone 7 Announced: Thoughts

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were announced along with some other announcements at the Apple Event. I was eager to watch it solely for the iPhone, but soon after the event started, I realised how silly it was to have forgotten that I'd have to listen to certain phrases and keywords if I watch… Continue reading iPhone 7 Announced: Thoughts

Going through One Blog Archive at a Time

Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines, Publications, Video Channels, TV Shows, Comics, Mangas, Authors, and the list goes on. We may follow numerous sources in each category, but there are the few that we especially prefer over the others. I took three of the blogs I like the most and have decided to go through the whole of… Continue reading Going through One Blog Archive at a Time

What is the Future of WhatsApp?

As of February 2016, WhatsApp had a user base of one billion, making it the most popular instant messaging client. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former Yahoo employees, and the messaging feature that WhatsApp is known for actually came to be in WhatsApp 2.0. I was first introduced… Continue reading What is the Future of WhatsApp?

Posting Frequency and Curation

The pace of publishing new posts has been relatively low lately, and it will be so for some time as I’m preparing for exams – college exams, a professional certification course exams, and at least two entrance exams. I do try my best to allocate some of my free time to writing new posts and… Continue reading Posting Frequency and Curation