On Education and Academia

Education, in the general sense, means the act of imposing or acquiring knowledge, and is a vital building block of society. Why, then, do we not give it enough importance? It may seem like we do with all the "study hard", "get good grades", etc., but I would like to disagree with this notion. Education… Continue reading On Education and Academia


On Trade Off

Simply put, "Trade Off" means "to exchange something for or with another". The concept of trade off is a basic one and is one of the founding pillars in economics. You have to give something to get something, and I am writing this article from a similar point of view. This came to my mind… Continue reading On Trade Off

Why I have come to Love Mathematics

According to, Mathematics is a noun, meaning "the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationship between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically". This is the first time I checked the definitive meaning of the word out of curiosity. It is interesting. Now, I am good with numbers, or so I have heard and… Continue reading Why I have come to Love Mathematics

On Operations, Management

"Where are you doing your internship?" "It's 'XYZ'." "Cool! What specialisations are you opting for?" "I'll be concentrating on Operations and Finance." "So your job at 'XYZ' is mostly Finance? There's not much for operations." "No. It's mostly Marketing." "But why?" Going with specialisation first, there is not one specialisation per se, at least in… Continue reading On Operations, Management

Considering Medium… Again

Medium is a blogging platform with a clean interface. It is focused on reading and writing. I had used it before, but I switched back to as Medium seemed limiting. But as things have changed now, a simple and clean reading-writing platform would be perfect for my needs now. Besides, medium has now developed… Continue reading Considering Medium… Again