I got to know about MBTI around 6 years back. It was exciting, but I was not as interested in it as I am now. At first, I had gotten INT(F)J as the result(s). I read about both. I also read about other MBTI types. I was impressed with the similarities between my personality and… Continue reading Why MBTI


On Being in the 0.0x

In a national level test, I secured a percentile of 99.9x, making me one of the top 0.0x. Here I am writing about how it was and sharing my views on improving in that area. How it felt? It felt good, really good. But somewhere inside, I thought it was not enough. I often say,… Continue reading On Being in the 0.0x

On Operations, Management

"Where are you doing your internship?" "It's 'XYZ'." "Cool! What specialisations are you opting for?" "I'll be concentrating on Operations and Finance." "So your job at 'XYZ' is mostly Finance? There's not much for operations." "No. It's mostly Marketing." "But why?" Going with specialisation first, there is not one specialisation per se, at least in… Continue reading On Operations, Management

Considering Medium… Again

Medium is a blogging platform with a clean interface. It is focused on reading and writing. I had used it before, but I switched back to as Medium seemed limiting. But as things have changed now, a simple and clean reading-writing platform would be perfect for my needs now. Besides, medium has now developed… Continue reading Considering Medium… Again

Miss Perfect

People usually look for perfection forgetting that there is beauty in imperfection. Someone makes things tolerable, adorable and enjoyable rather, the things that you'd otherwise have found to be annoying. Someone holds some values and principles close to them. It's even better that they match with yours. Someone understands you, appreciates you. And the more… Continue reading Miss Perfect