And per se And

"Ampersand", as a word, is a mondegreen. A mondegreen is a word, which comes from a mistaken pronunciation. According to the records, it was part of an old Roman system of shorthand signs, its first recorded use being in Pompeian graffiti in the 1st century CE. It comes from the Latin word “Et”, meaning “and”.… Continue reading And per se And


Make Me a Sandwich

"Make me a sandwich" is an interesting sentence, the subject of a classic grammar joke. It is so because of the way it can be interpreted. To most people, it is a simple statement. But to some, it can mean two things - "make a sandwich for me", and "make me into a sandwich". Why… Continue reading Make Me a Sandwich

Discreet and Discrete

Discreet and Discrete form a set of Homophones. Homophones are words, or set of words, that have same pronunciation, but different meaning. While some homophones are not confusing, others are; and these two fall under the later. Discreet means 'presence of prudence in one's behaviour or action', and Discrete means 'something distinct or unrelated'. Their nominalisation… Continue reading Discreet and Discrete

What are Homophone, Homograph, and Homonym?

From the numerous confusing sets of words, Homophone, Homograph, and Homonym are part of a unique set. This set is unique as each of its members cover a large number of other sets. These words are not as confusing when you give it some thought, better yet understand how they came to be. They all… Continue reading What are Homophone, Homograph, and Homonym?