About SM

Hello there, and welcome to SeleMoir: Journal of an Eclectic Mind. Who is the one behind it? It’s me, SM.


  • An Average Student, A Mediocre Blogger, among other things;
  • A Thinker, with a flexible set of Principles, Curiousity, and Passion;
  • Like Reading, Writing, Science and Technology, Economics and Finance, Photography, Travelling, Football, Music, etc.

What else should I say about myself? I’ll add when I find/remember something that, according to me, should be here.

What’s with the name, you ask?

SeleMoir 1


And that becomes SeleMoir.

It’s a Journal, and can contain Posts on Grammar, Finance, Technology etc., and Thoughts in General.

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Got something to say? Feel free! Just don't be too harsh.

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