WordPress Theme: Libre 2

WordPress has a good collection of themes. While WordPress.com does not have as many as WordPress.org, the latter being more open, it still has a decent amount of quality themes. A good thing about WordPress.org is that a designer can build a custom theme for you that can be uploaded and used. Whereas with WordPress.com, the good thing is that the theme collection is curated.

A good place to sift through these themes on WordPress.com is theme.wordpress.com. From the various filters available there, the one I always use is “accessibility ready”. I may look at the demo of a theme and try it, but for it to qualify to be used, for a few weeks at least, it has to adhere to the accessibility standards. Since I don’t know much about these standards, I simply use the filter. Some of the accessibility ready themes I like are Afterlight, Libre, Rowling, Twenty Sixteen, etc.

One common aspect of these themes is that they are clean. Apart from that, what I like about Libre is its simplicity. I used it for some time, but then I changed it, the reason being the lack of support for featured image and a second menu. It also didn’t have the option to choose between complete posts and post excepts that are to be shown on the blog and archive pages; I could do it manually for each post, but then, if I decide to change it, it has to be done for every single post individually again.

I think this option was added later to the customiser, which enabled the action for multiple themes. But it still lacked support for a second menu and featured image.

On my recent visit to theme.wordpress.com, I found two themes particularly interesting – Textbook, which I used for some time, and Libre 2. Libre 2 is an improvement over Libre. I can’t say what has changed in the code, but it now supports two menus – a main menu and a social menu – as well as featured image. Interestingly enough, I found it around the time when I was think about not using featured images anymore; I have decided to do so for select posts only, though, for now.

So here it is. Libre 2 has been applied and it will be there for some time now. What do you think?


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