A Conversation on a Hopeless Case

Me1: Muse, you say? Me2: Yes. Me1: Haha! Me2: What? Me1: Let's get back to the rational realm, where we thrive. Shall we? Me2: Just a little more time. Me1: Do you think it'll be of any use? Me2: I hope so. Me1: You hope so? Me2: Yes. Me1: Since when did you start hoping instead… Continue reading A Conversation on a Hopeless Case


Miss Perfect

People usually look for perfection forgetting that there is beauty in imperfection. Someone makes things tolerable, adorable and enjoyable rather, the things that you'd otherwise have found to be annoying. Someone holds some values and principles close to them. It's even better that they match with yours. Someone understands you, appreciates you. And the more… Continue reading Miss Perfect

WordPress Theme: Libre 2

WordPress has a good collection of themes. While WordPress.com does not have as many as WordPress.org, the latter being more open, it still has a decent amount of quality themes. A good thing about WordPress.org is that a designer can build a custom theme for you that can be uploaded and used. Whereas with WordPress.com,… Continue reading WordPress Theme: Libre 2